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Gillian’s Place offers hope to women and children by providing safety and support through a range of services and by working through effective partnerships with our community to end violence and abuse.

Women and children are free from violence and abuse.

Board of Directors


Karen Tribble - President

Karen Smith Curtis - Past President

Warren Hoshizaki - Treasurer

Selvum Pillay - Secretary

Sharon Abbey - Director

Walter Harmidarow - Director

Michele Auger - Director

Jen Ajandi - Director

Michelle Hager - Director

Agency overview

As one of Ontario's first shelters for abused women and children, Gillian’s Place has been providing safe refuge and non-residential programs that enable women and their children to break the cycle of violence for over 30 years. More than 15,000 women and their children have found safe emergency shelter and essential support services since 1977.

Qualified and experienced staff provide immediate assistance through our 24/7 support line, 24-hour support counselling; one-on-one and group counselling. Emergency safe shelter, meals and clothing are provided. Child and Youth programs are available to help the children dealing with the trauma they have experienced through trained child and youth counsellors. Many recreational activities are provided to allow children to have fun and just be kids.

In addition, we provide outreach support services for abused women living in the community. The program has three components, an Outreach Counsellor for women not residing in the shelter, a Transitional Worker to assist women and their children to develop a plan from living in an abusive relationship to independent living free from violence and a Family Law Lawyer providing advice and advocacy within the legal system. Our Transitional Worker links women to support services in the community such as housing, day care, educational upgrading, employment, income support and health and wellness services. Planning for safety of the family is reviewed with each woman as they enter the program. Our Family Law Lawyer, the Manager of Legal Services, is able to assist with legal advice on issues of child custody and access, support and property division. She can fill out and review legal papers including interim custody and access agreements and advise of your legal rights. Having a solid understanding of the legal system she is able to advocate and access information with the police and criminal justice system. To our knowledge, we are the only shelter in Ontario who has a full time family lawyer on staff.

Our facility is fully accessible and translation services are available. It is not necessary to live in the shelter to access the free and confidential support services we provide. Gillian's Place is the only shelter and supportive services agency for abused women and their children in Grimsby, Lincoln, West Lincoln, Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Catharines and Thorold.

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Contact information
For women in need of support, for friends and family needing advice on how to help a loved one, or to contact the shelter:
24/7 Support Line 905-684-8331

For all program and service related inquiries:

Shelter Front Desk: 905-684-4000 ext. 221


For all administrative inquiries:
Executive Assistant: 905-684-4000 ext. 242

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For information on any Gillian's Place event, or if you are interested in hosting a fundraising event, contact:
Joanne, Fundraising Event Coordinator
905-684-4000 ext. 235
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For all other general inquiries and volunteering:

Development: 905-684-4000 ext. 233

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Mailing address:
Gillian’s Place
P.O. Box 1387
St. Catharines ON L2R 7J8

Fax Number 905-704-4556

Physical Address:

Gillian's Place

15 Gibson Place

St. Catharines ON L2R 0A3

Gillian's Place Management:

Anne, Executive Director
905-684-4000 ext. 224
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Nicole, Community Development Manager

905-684-4000 ext. 231

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Anna, Manager of Operations
905-684-4000 ext. 225
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Marion, Manager of Legal Services

905-684-4000 ext 230

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Cindy, Director of Services

905-684-4000 ext 229

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Public speaking

Gillian's Place works diligently to provide public education and raise community awareness on the issue of violence against women. To request a speaker at your event regarding our organization, please contact the Development Associate at 906-684-4000 ext. 233.

Career opportunities

Position: Relief Counsellor
Click here to download job description

We would like to thank any applicant who provides a submission. Please be advised we only contact applicants who are selected for an interview - no telephone calls please. Gillian’s Place is an equal opportunity employer.

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